Campaign For The Abolition of Animal Slavery

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it ... ALWAYS - Mahatma Gandi

To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others - Nelson Mandela

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Founded December 5th 2007

If you hate oppression, you'll love the songs of David Rovics.


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2007 marks the bi-centenary of the Act of Parliament, by the UK, which abolished human slavery in its most overt form in the colonies. Of course slavery tragically and covertly still exists today with people trafficked for the sex trade, domestic or agricultural labour, forced or bonded labour, forced marriage, very low paid sweat shop jobs and in the form of child soldiers. Estimates vary but many millions are still in slavery today.

bound African and bound Monky

"Africans captured and forced into slavery were often compared to animals in an effort to justify their treatment. They were called 'brutes' and 'beasts'. Their lives were considered expendable, and many died at the hands of their oppressors. The same oppressive mentality behind those actions leads to the slaughter of animals today" (PETA ).

The slavery of the non-humans is even more widespread now than in 1807 because of the growth of the human population. Animals are easy to subjugate and form easy targets to be exploited in the food industry (factory farming), in the entertainment industry (circuses, dolphinaria and zoos) and in medical research (vivisection).


elephant in chains The Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery and this website have been inspired by the film 'Amazing Grace'. In the film Wilberforce unrolls a 300,000 signed petition in the House of Commons calling for abolition. This got me thinking about all the unknown people who signed this and were abhorred by slavery, history does not record their names or perhaps what their efforts were to help end the African trade.
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As Animal advocates and liberators we know that in two hundred years, human consciousness and the capacity for compassion will surely evolve and grow, (it has to if this planet is to survive!).

People alive in two hundred years will be disgusted by today's treatment of animals, how they are viewed by the unconscious masses as utilities, commodities and slaves. Those who have the power over animals today are governments by their lack of enlightened legislation to protect them and therefore encourage businesses such as circuses, zoos, 'medical research laboratories' or factory farms which profit from their imprisonment and slavery to continue to do so along with the increment and support of unenlightened customers.

lion in a cage

People of the future will be want to know how these acts of brutality could be perpetuated and why they weren't stopped.

They will want to know who tried to stop animal slavery and by what methods.

They will want to know not just who were the leaders, 'the Wilberforces', against animal slavery but what others did too.

They will be interested by our testimonies and the fact that some of us were not idle or complacent!

This site now gives you the opportunity to do just this, to record for future generations how you feel and what you are doing NOW to end animal suffering. Not only this it also gives you the chance to be inspired by others and to be in contact with others who feel the same.

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This site will not have extensive information on the various animal slave-trades except to provide links to organisations working on various issues. People who want to know more can contact them and get involved in stopping the animal slave-trades. Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery can be contacted for guidance or with information.

It will also provide links to organisations concerned with human abuses, for it is my 100% belief in the chant we made on demos years ago "'human freedom - animal rights - one struggle, one fight".

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As Abraham Lincoln succinctly put it: "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights, that is the way of a whole human being".

Lincoln also stated,

"If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong."

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I also found this quote, very apt , for those who dread the comparison of animal slavery and human slavery:

"It would be extremely easy to excite your sympathetic feelings, by drawing the horrors of slavery. I will, however, content myself with asserting, that he who is not an enemy to Slavery, is himself a slave. He, who invested with all the blessings, which liberty can impart, is yet doubtful whether the principle ... is to be prized by himself or conferred upon others, is a being whose mental bondage is only less than that of he who toils in chains."

Rev. Thomas Adkins, 6 April 1830

calf behind bars This website allows you to submit and provide testimony in a way that sums up your feelings, be they plain words or poem.

Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery -

Calls for a radical re-thinking of the enslavement of animals and seeks to raise radical questions about exploitation of our fellow species.

Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery -

Calls for an end to factory farming, an end to the abuse animals suffer in "entertainment" and an end to vivisection and any other means where animals are seen as utilities or a commodity to be exploited.

Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery -

Believes the only humane way to live is by adopting a VEGAN diet.

Don't eat the slaves, don't wear the slaves, don't watch the slaves, don't test drugs on the slaves.

Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery is well aware the abuse and suffering of animals is so huge that any victory to end animal exploitation may be 200 years in the future AT LEAST. This campaign is but one small step for animals, one huge leap in the thinking of mankind in regard to the treatment of sentient beings.

It will be for future generations with more compassionate natures to assess with disbelief and horror how animals in 2007 are treated and they will wonder how could it happen, why wasn't it stopped...

How it works

monkey in a cage I see myself as the present custodian of this site. To perpetuate this site I am looking for a list of custodians who pledge to keep this site running on my eventual death. No-body can foresee what the means of communication will be in the distant future, but whatever it is the custodians will pledge to ensure that the testimony of people will be available to be read. If you want to be a custodian please contact me, your only commitment for now is to agree for your name to be put on a list to be shown on site. I don't anticipate dying, just yet!

Alan Cooper
Cetacea Defence
July 2007

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