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Pauline Batten - Saturday, 26th March 2022, 16:00

I have no fine speeches or blogs to record just a wish that all species on this planet be treated equally and with respect. I hoped for the same in the 1960s when I was campaigning against the whales being slaughtered and thought that all these years later that we as a society would have become more compassionate and enlightened. Sadly this has not happened, there is still factory farming, laboratory testing on animals and humans hunting animals for sport. Admittedly there has been some improvement over the years but it is very little in comparison to what is still happening.

I pray that Humankind will one day respect all forms of life and all will be treated as equal with dignity and respect regardless of species and will no longer be subjugated by one species over another.

Louise Wallis - Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 23:25

I've always felt close to animals and marvelled at their beauty, diversity and extraordinary superpowers: I find them endlessly fascinating.

So it was terrible, in fact terrifying, to discover the extent to which human animals routinely terrorise and torment our own kin. Especially those unnaturally bred for farms, and laboratories; for slaughterhouses, gas chambers, electric shock units, restraining devices, and all manner of literal torture.

'The Animals Film' a remarkable documentary shown on Channel 4 in its first week of broadcasting, gave us a graphic education and has never been shown on TV since. My response was to become vegan. I wanted no part of this insanity. If rejecting extreme violence made me an extremist, bring it on.

In London in 2016 I curated an international exhibition by vegan artists. Where all the artwork featured animals, and I've reproduced my Curator's Statement below.

I called the show ANIMUS. An interesting word, as it has a dual meaning: hostility, or motivation. Which will you choose?

Our animus towards animals is unprecedented. “Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history” ran a recent headline in The Guardian. “Tens of billions of sentient beings, each with complex sensations and emotions, live and die on a production line”.

We tend not to dwell on this, and powerful forces keep it this way. The mantra that we are meant to eat animals so embedded in our culture and economy that we often fail to question it.

Food is loaded – primal, nurturing, pleasurable, social, and powerfully evocative.
"The thing that people are buying is the story,” comments Laura Reiley, food critic and Farm to Fable reporter. “They’re buying a feeling … a mythology."

The farm animal fairytale is one of “happy” lives and “humane” deaths. But nothing could be further from the truth.

“Cows too sick to walk are dragged by the neck across cement floors. Pigs are stabbed and beaten with sledgehammers. Chickens are thrown against walls and stomped to death. And accepted industry practices, like confining animals in impossibly small cages, are just as brutal”.

This is a quote from a New York Times editorial condemning the criminalization of whistle-blowing and covert filming on factory farms, and calling it unconstitutional. So far, eight US states have adopted legislation banning this (one even extending this to cover care homes for elderly and disabled people).

In the UK, “animal rights campaigners” are classified as Domestic Extremists – a uniquely British term according to Wikipedia, with no formal legal definition. Female campaigners have been groomed, abused and abandoned by undercover policemen who duped them into relationships. Two had children with these imposters. One told The Guardian that she feels she’s been “raped by the state”.

Just who are the “extremists” here? This is a question addressed by Sue Coe, the award-winning British-born artist (now living in the US), whose experience of growing up next to a slaughterhouse has been the animus for her life’s work and we are fortunate to be exhibiting one of her most iconic pieces.

Bearing witness is one of the show’s themes. I hope these images, and the animals they depict, will move you, and give you with the animus/motivation to consider veganism as a means of ending our war on animals, and creating a more peaceful world for us all.

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” - Albert Schweitzer

Louise Wallis – Curator (Luminous Frenzy)


Lady Ella-Rebecka Marlen-Summers - Thursday, 7 November 2019, 14:09

Witnessing the HORROR of the torture of an innocent, beautiful young bovine being; this was the moment I finally became the fully vegan, dedicated, determined activist that I have been now since, for about 5 years, and will be forever.

I wrote books in the hope they might help move the hearts of humans to stop the evil of the Animal Holocaust. The books are hard-hitting, controversial and honest, with a gentle aspect which is a reflection of its author.

For the past year, in 2019, I have done 'standing local activism', raising awareness and energies for the Animal Liberation movement. This solo work received abuse from the public often, which I could deal with happily, as it was nothing compared to the suffering of the animals, particularly in places of evil slaughter.

I am currently needing to take a break from that form of activism, but trying every way I can to communicate the truths of the horrors, so humans will act to make all that evil exploitation of animals end. I have been improving in my vegan cooking, and enjoy cooking for anyone who ends up at my house hungry.

My heart is permanently utterly broken by the extreme trauma I witnessed in that evil slaughter house, and by all the other scenes of horror that have been online. I feel some small relief when i am doing some kind of activism that at least I am doing something that might help end the horrors of the holocaust against animals. I am still looking to find ongoing comradeship for my activism. It became so difficult to keep on by the roadside completely solo. I plan to get back to active activism as soon as I can. I have my collection of about 50 placards, which could yet be used some more. I plan to do some kind of talks/performance if possible.

Every single day, all through the day, my heart stays in touch with that heartache of knowing the animals are out there suffering in the evil holocaust. It is unbearable all too often. I would look forward to dying so as to be relieved of this pain, yet I want to be alive so to save the animals.

I actually no longer believe the human species to be deserving of a place on Mother Earth. I am a human extinctionist. I work to save Mother Earth and her true inhabitants, the animals and plants, from the human species. I would that humans may all just go to sleep one day, or just disappear, except that some humans would have to be around to free the animals from their awful slavery.

Thank you for this chance to give this testimony. There is a lot more to say but this is enough for now. I would like to be one who would offer to carry on this site if needed. However, I truly am not that good on the technologies. MAY ALL ANIMALS HAVE PEACE AND COMFORT ALWAYS


Megan - Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 08:00

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Let us stand together to protect all of our beautiful creatures!
Every species deserves to be treated with love, care and respect.


Dan Graham - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 18:55

Thanks Alan for taking me out to the hills and teaching me to rock climb, I remember belaying while sitting and enjoying the sun and clinging on to the rocks for dear life although you had me safe on a top rope.

It was a great feeling to set off in the afternoon on our bikes with all the climbing gear and head for the hills. I am still inspired by your fortitude and the work that you continue to do.

You are well remembered for the work you have done for dolphins and other animals and now for the humanitarian work you are involved with, you have impacted many life's.

It's good to have you as a friend.

Best – Danny


Alafair Rey  - Wednesday, 29 August 2018, 07:22

The only thing that will stop the animals from being eaten, exploited, enslaved, abused and starved is to end the legality of it worldwide, make illegal all physical contact with animals and allow them to live wild and free and not take up all the space; leave space for them! After all, they have a right to be here and free from harm just like we do.
Humans are too selfish and although there are plenty of people who care there are probably more that don't and it is always the-wilfully-ignorant; the-wilfully-ignorant have probably been the biggest enemy of animals everywhere.

I ask God to protect them. Please God
Bless the beasts and the children,
For in this world they have no voice,
They have no choice.
Bless the beasts and the children,
For the world can never be,
The world they see.
Light their way
When the darkness surrounds them;
Give them love, let it shine all around them.
Bless the beasts and the children;
Give them shelter from a storm;
Keep them safe;
Keep them warm.
Light their way
When the darkness surrounds them;
Give them love, let it shine all around them.


Adam Law - Friday, 17 August 2018, 15:57

Nobody can call themselves civil when participating in acts of animal cruelty, whether this be directly or indirectly. The latter of which accounts for the current voluntary ignorance of current consumers having a detrimental impact on the future of humanity, the earth we live on and creatures we reside with. The abhorrent misery caused to animals and disregard for the sanctity of all life is shameful.

However it is important for the generations that follow to know that not everyone that preceded them were complicit in this wanton act of destruction, malice and contempt for life.


Jasmine - Thursday, 16 August 2018, 08:43

Against animal exploitation.


Kim Rees - Monday, 27 February 2017, 15:12

I sit and gaze at animals grazing in the field… Quite happy and content. These creatures have been out all night, quietly grazing and dreaming under the stars.

Then it occurs to me the horror of man that awaits them.
From moonlit sky and crisp frosty mornings to factory and abattoir.
The very thought of it makes me so sad and ashamed to be a part of the human race.

Then the selfish animal testing in the name of beauty and the fur which always would have only ever suited the animal who was born with it.
We now live in a world which is over populated, uneducated, barbaric and full of greed. And the uneducated, greedy and ignorant are breeding more of the same type of non free thinkers so actually there is no hope for these defenceless animals who only ever asked to gaze at the stars.


Annie Hertitage - Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 16:36

As we enter the 17th year of the 21st Century, we demonstrate every day how little progress we have made as a species. Even as our technological advancements grow almost exponentially, so does our capacity for selfishness, cruelty and lack of compassion, towards our fellow human and animal beings. It is my fervent hope that anyone reading these testimonies centuries from now, will be living in a time when humans have finally come to realise that this is not "our" planet, that our fellow earthlings, the creatures with whom we share the Earth, have just as much right to live in peace as any human. To live in freedom not subjugation, without fear of rape, torture, imprisonment and death at the whim of selfish humans.

I hope that the people of the future will read these testimonies and know that there were many, many people who abjured animal slavery and fought for the animals, even when that fight seemed unwinnable and hopeless. Who carried on whatever the personal cost, to be a voice for the voiceless. an advocate for those who could not stand up for themselves. Right now, at the time I write this, it is sometimes unbearable to think of the suffering humans perpetrate on animals and each other, and incomprehensible how so many turn a blind eye because they simply don't want an inconvenient and ugly truth to invade their comfort zone.

There are many times when I and all those who so want an end to animal slavery and indeed, to human slavery, feel so helpless and impotent but we have to hope that one day, things will be different. If you are reading this in a future when animals and humans are still enslaved and subjugated, I would urge you to never stop fighting, never stop hoping, never stop, just NEVER stop.


Nicole Forbes - Friday, 4 March 2016, 18:08

What a wonderful job this site is doing – recording the social history of humanity and our often barbaric relationship with God's creatures. We should treat both each other and all living things as we would wish to be treated ourselves!?

If not for you maybe you know others who would be interested!


Tony Wardle - Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 15:29

It is so easy to go through life accepting what is placed in front of you – far too easy but it requires nothing of you. When you finally stop and begin asking questions, the demands begin. You either respond to those demands and try to end the shameful treatment of animals or you ignore them, becoming complicit in their suffering. You can’t unlearn and go back to where you were before.

This site is a chilling reminder of the all-pervasive nature of our cruelty – and of those who work to end it. To include animals and humans together under the same title – slavery – often produces criticism that the one demeans the other. And therein lies the seeds of our abuse. We know that animals share the same range of emotions as us – they suffer, feel pain and discomfort and experience a similar range of emotional traumas. Compassion does not have limits, it does not have to be dispensed carefully in case it runs out. It is boundless and reading these pages will confirm why we cannot afford to be mean with it. Compassion can change the world for the benefit of all animals – human and non-human. Tony Wardle, Viva!


Alan Cooper - Sunday, 14 February 2016, 16:51

SORRY, I tried but it was never enough, could never have been enough against the relentless waves of human oppression

I want to apologise for the ecological state of Planet Earth. This assumes the situation in 2207 is as bad as I believe it will be.

In 2007 and for many decades before that we didn't care enough to look after this Planet. In the so-called "developed world" people were just too damn selfish, busy consuming, while others in the so-called "third world" were barely surviving themselves, a significant number on around $1 a day. That is the inequality which exists today for humans in different parts of The Planet.

Yes, so you may well think what chance did non-humans have of living and surviving at the dawning of the 21st century, very very little, so I apologise for all the animal species you have never seen, except from a picture in a book, for the elephants, tigers, apes and the love of my life, the dolphins.

The Yangtze river dolphin was officially declared extinct this year. To be one of a species that cause this to happen to another, I feel numb, incredibly sad. The human species just couldn't hear the message of the dolphins, that they too were a great civilisation in their own blue world and that we were destroying them. I had the privilege to be around them in the ocean too, to swim amongst them, it was unconditional experience unlike the relationship one has with other humans.

In 2004 over 15,000 species were listed as threatened. At the same time over 40 billion farm animals, around seven times the total human population were farmed for food each year, a repulsive fact, repulsive people prepared to gorge unnecessarily on their flesh. The human species is another plague of locusts demolishing everything in its 'advance' or 'progression', progression, what a joke.

Perhaps there are species that have survived prudent enough to have managed to avoid contact with 'man' but I fear individuals of many species are now entombed only in some sort of freakish themed park. I wonder in 2207 as you read this, do you think their 'habitat' is freakish or natural? Perhaps you, the people of 2207 find it all acceptable, just like many of 2007 or perhaps a small but significant percentage of you are very, very sad about the situation as some of we are today

I became aware of animal suffering at an early age. My mother told me (later in life), I said to her when I was around 4 or 5 years old, "What are all these dead animals doing hung up?". This was on a visit to the butchers shop, amazing but true, some years later the butcher hung himself in the shop.

I was a vegetarian of sorts but it wasn't until the age of 30 my life changed dramatically and for the better. I became a Vegan overnight after watching the 'Animals Film' in 1982. Twenty-five years on it is the single most important decision I ever made for the better, my living no longer depended on the death of others.





Shortly after 1982, I became an active animal rights campaigner with the Northern Animal Liberation League which was based in Manchester in the UK. Halcyon days when we thought we could do anything and often did, from street stalls to hunt sabotage to raiding ICI labs with such audacity in broad daylight.

A similar raid a few months later at Unilever labs in Bedfordshire by animal liberators brought me and twenty-four activists forty-one and a half years in prison, (I got 2 years for my part).

"You are not friends of society, you are enemies of it, that I believe is your true purpose". Thank you Judge Wild for saying that as you sentenced us, paying us all such an enormous compliment, a society where animals were/are viewed as expendable objects, rather than sentient beings.

Other slave animals have been rescued but it was never enough, could never have been enough...

Cetacea Defence has campaigned for close on 20 years, specialising in whale and dolphin issues/threats, but lending its name and energy to many other non-cetacean matters too, including human rights issues, for my fight is against injustice, be it for a slave animal or a human animal, a victim of war or of other oppression.

Probably the biggest successes for non-humans are:

Other highlights in the campaigns to save cetaceans are:

The first two dates have never become the threat to the captivity industry I envisaged, getting people to engage their bodies with the often rhetorical content of their mouths and do some direct action in the simple but effective form of picketing dolphinariums has proven very difficult indeed and has been probably made worse by the advent of the Internet. There is now a generation of activists who may believe the Internet is the only way of campaigning, (that an email will change The World), rather than just a useful tool, in which if information is not acted upon in other ways, the conveyance of information is good but the tool itself may be very limited in what it can achieve.

Now all my cards have probably been played, the dice has been thrown not by me, but for me and a serious health condition means I am severely handicapped in want I still have the passion for, animal and human liberation.

Amen to all the animals and humans that have suffered at the hands of human tyranny.

This is the testimony of Alan Cooper UK, originator of


Eve Jane Lucille Davies - Tuesday, 13 January 2015, 13:44

Right Side of a Socially Accepted Wrong - For me, this is the last step in our humanity. Yes, there will always be wars and atrocities, but they are internationally condemned and are technically illegal. This is the last holocaust that goes unrecognised. 150 billion animals per year die horrific deaths. I'm not okay with this, not at all. Below is my blog on the subject of liberating the animals; projects I work on and perspectives I take. This madness has to end.


Joe Hashman - Monday, 24 November 2014, 17:55

The Sanctity of Life; what it means to me - SANCTITY of LIFE "people should live their lives with mindful respect for animals and we all have a moral obligation to live in a way which is kind to each other, our environment and our fellow creatures".


Ali Vance Speers - Sunday, 21 September 2014, 20:07

"Every species is a masterpiece". I hope that future, more enlightened generations will treat all animals with respect and compassion. Meantime, we must never, ever give up and keep on striving for a cruelty-free way of life to be a normal way of life.


Juliet Gellatley - Tuesday, 11 June 2013, 16:23

Abolish animal slavery - It seems we are incapable of understanding that every living creature has its part to play in maintaining the glorious fabric of our wonderful world. We pretend that only we can maintain the balance by determining what shall live and what shall die. It seems we never stop and look around us to witness the appalling mess we have made – all by deluding ourselves that we know what we are doing when the evidence screams in contradiction.

None of the animals which we slaughter, even those we demonise as vermin, pose any threat to the survival of the planet. It is not they which threaten its existence but us. In this maniacal juggling act we have begun to drop the balls.

The only hope we have is to fundamentally reassess our role in things and our attitude to the planet and the living creatures who share it with us. When a calf is prodded and dragged into the killing pen, wide-eyed and terrified, with the stench of blood and death in its nostrils, and the captive bolt shatters its forehead, there is no compassion. When the slaughterer's hand grabs the muzzle of a lamb to stifle its bleating and applies the knife to its throat, there is no compassion. And without compassion there is little hope for any of us.

Make no mistake, becoming a vegetarian, or better still a vegan, is an important act. Instantly, you are no longer a part of this insanity. You are no longer responsible for most of the daily cruelties handed out to farm animals. You are taking the first step in allowing the planet to heal itself but it is much more than that. It is a political act and a clear expression of a belief is a different way of doing things, a different kind of world – a better world.

Congratulations Alan for the campaign against animal slavery.
From Juliet Gellatley and all at Viva!


Paula Holland - Monday, 15 April 2013, 17:21

Being Vegan – When I was about 15 I went vegetarian. None of my family were vegetarian at that time so it wasn't easy but I stuck with it because I knew it was the right thing to do. I went vegan when I was 19 and started helping out at the Sunflower, a volunteer run vegan cafe. This was when I had my eyes well and truly opened to the horrors of animal abuse. As well as running the cafe my partner and I were regulars on marches and demos, serving hot vegan curry and salad to the protesters usually free or for a donation. That was 20 years ago and vegan food has moved on quite considerably since then (vegan junk food, soya milk in supermarkets etc.)

Although it is encouraging to see how popular veganism is becoming I am sorry to say the fight for animal rights is still very necessary.


Averil Travers - Friday, 5 April 2013, 15:02

Abolition of animal slavery – I hope one day that future generations will not think that every human being in the 20/21st century participated in the barbaric and horrific abuse of our fellow animals. I became vegan when I was 21 after witnessing freshly slaughtered pigs and swore from that day on that I would stop being part of the abuse.

I have faced social isolation, abuse and hatred from people who see my stance on animals as threatening. Speaking out on behalf of animals has not been easy but I have no choice I must accept the truth and not live in a "Matrix" world where I am continually lied too. I have bore witness to the horror.

I am now 49 and have 2 children, 11 and 3 who are both vegan. My partner Mike too who I love very much.

I speak in schools about factory farming and hope before I die to have contributed in the animal freedom movement. I hope too that I can fund raise to have a monument dedicated to all the murdered animals at the hands of human beings since the beginning of time.

So please, compassionate and rational peoples of the future there were radicals fighting for animal justice amongst the savage population. I would like to pass down my love to my great great great great grandchildren who will hold their heads high in knowing that their grandmother was not a willing executioner and didn't participate in the animal holocaust.


Andrew Tyler - Tuesday, 18 December 2012, 14:41

Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery – At the heart of the Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery is a call to emancipate our animal kin and free them from exploitation, suffering, enslavement and wilful destruction. That is the goal that drives all genuine animal advocates. To that end, the campaign has the full support of all of us at Animal Aid. Andrew Tyler, Director.


Helen Mckrell - Wednesday, 20 July 2011, 03:02

Bovine breast milk = rape and infanticide – Cows do not produce milk by magic, by simply munching grass in some rural idyll as the dairy council would have us believe. They spend a bomb on brands such as the 'Laughing Cow' in order to blind the public to the reality and attempt to convince us that breast milk is the only source of calcium. They also lie about the threat of osteoporosis.

These girls endure sexual assault as the sperm of a stranger is forcibly inserted into them. Like me, they must be pregnant if they are to produce milk. Their child is stolen, their breasts are drained as their babies milk is stolen and the process of sexual slavery repeats on and on and on until their slaughter at around 4 yrs of age, when they could live in peace for 25 years. No female should endure the horror of enforced pregnancy, regardless of the number of legs she has. Yet this is but one of the ways in which humans respond to our imagined superiority over those who we share the planet with. The larger the psychological gap we place between other species and our own, the easier it is to subjugate them. We too are animals, We're certainly not plants!

Consuming the breast beyond infancy can at best be described as just plain weird. Consuming the breast milk of another species is beastiality. On Mothers Day, we can campaign in cities and town centres, give out free cartons of soya milk, along with Animal Aid leaflets entitled, 'Britain's hardest working mother' which tell the story of the repeated rape of these four legged females, to educate the public about the benefits of plant based milks that are far more ethically and nutritionally appropriate. These leaflets are pink, so people think they're a voucher or special offer, for whichever super-marked we choose to stand by.


Iain Harrison2 - Tuesday, 15 February 2011, 08:06

Equality for all living creatures - I am appalled at the continuing extent of human arrogance and truly believe all living creatures on this planet including the planet itself are all equal... It all has to change if we as humans are to consider ourselves anywhere near civilized..., from the condescending and selfish attitude of having a 'pet' and the entire industry that supports it, to outright animal slavery i.e... Zoos, pet shops and the 'meat trade', etc, etc... We have a huge task and thanx to people like Alan we may succeed in at least getting this idea out in the public forum.

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